1037.Valid Boomerang

1037.Valid Boomerang
A boomerang is a set of 3 points that are all distinct and not in a straight line.
Given a list of three points in the plane, return whether these points are a boomerang.
Example 1:
Input: [[1,1],[2,3],[3,2]]
Output: true
Example 2:
Input: [[1,1],[2,2],[3,3]]
Output: false
points.length == 3
points[i].length == 2
0 <= points[i][j] <= 100
class Solution {
bool isBoomerang(vector<vector<int>>& points) {
int a=points[1][1]-points[0][1];
int b=points[1][0]-points[0][0];
int c=points[2][1]- points[0][1];
int d=points[2][0]-points[0][0];
// cout<<a<<" "<<b<<" "<<c<<" " << d<<endl;
if(b && d)
return a/float(b)!=c/float(d);
else if(b)
return c;
else if (d)
return a;
return false;
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